Ready to simplify your view of the world?
Break down everyday objects into their most simple shapes and forms with Blendraw. Develop abstract thinking skills as you determine which parts of an image are critical to its interpretation and understanding using two basic shapes and a wide range of colors. Beautifully designed, and user-friendly, Blendraw is a creative, fun way to see what matters through an abstract lens.

BLENDRAW – Blendboard

What is it?

Since it’s first public appearance in the Blendraw trailer movie, we received several comments:

„When do you release the real board?”
„Where can I buy the board?”

The Blendboard was born when we saw the App’s first draft version. It was obvious to make it real, and the kids just loved our first prototype.

The Blendboard is a 6mm thick acryl board containing 8×10 small buckets where kids can put into colored squares and quarter pies. No more, no less…

The Art

The Blendraw Blendboard based on a typeface called “Sorry” by Amondo Szegi a well known typographer. “Sorry” is an experimental typeface that tries to abstract each character.

The typeface uses only two shapes, a quarter circle and a square and each character must fit into a 2 by 2 fields. To be honest, it breaks all the optical typography rules… However it still became famous among the designers…

We tried to follow the typeface’s clear, minimalist form during the design of the Blendboard. The board itself a beautiful acryl material that keeps simplicity with it’s glacier white color and state of the art manufacturing.

The Material

Blendraw Blendboard is made of Corian, a DuPont’s (since 1802) flagship innovation since 1967. The DuPont materials played always a major role in the NASA programs. The flag on the Moon is made of a special DuPont material also. Corian was developed in 1967 and it has it’s renaissance today. The 40+ years old material is a durable, functional material of several industry.

Non porosus so does not promote the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. Renewable and abrasion resistant.

These features gives Corian a huge advantage to become the raw material for Blendraw Blendboard.

The squares and circles are made of Plexiglas. Sometimes they call it security glass. Plexiglas is not new either, it was invented in 1933 by Rohm and Haas Company…

Blendraw Blendboard uses two materials that proved their quality over the past few decades, so they are the best choice for us!

The Blendraw System

Blendraw is not just a boardgame but a system that gives guided playtime to children. We have built an education program available to everybody.

The Blendraw Blendboard is a mosaic game. The goal is to develop the abstract thinking during playtime.

Few example:

  • eye-hand coordination speech perception

  • perception, visual rhythm, memory

  • planar-spatial orientation

  • seriality

  • acoustic differentiation

  • relational vocabulary

  • part-whole realization, picture addition

Besides the above several other features hidden in the program. Everything will be available to the Blendraw customers.